Practical informations to know on Lyon

Fourvière, vue de la Saône

Before your trip to Lyon, France, you have to know some important informations!

Inside this section, you will find everything who will help you for your trip in Lyon.

Exchange rate

The currency in Lyon, France is the “Euro” (€). Thanks to the data from May 2019, here is the exchange rate for how much euros you will have if you want change some of your local currency:


Public transport

In the city of Lyon, you will find a good bus system with 4 metro line, 2 funicular line and 5 trams. Here is a prices list of how much is it to visit Lyon by bus, metro, funicular or tram:

  • One bus ticket : 1.90€ or 2.20€ in a bus
  • 24h bus ticket : 6€
  • 48h bus ticket : 11.50€
  • 72h bus ticket : 15.50€


For all the people who wants to visit Lyon by bike, you can choose the “Vélo’v”. This is the name of the public bike in Lyon. The first public bike who was installed in France almost 15 years ago. You will have the choice with 348 stations in Lyon and more than 4 000 bikes around Lyon.

  • 30min of public bike (Vélo’v) : 1.80€
  • 24H of public bike (Vélo’v) : 4€
  • 1 year subscription (14-25 years) : 16.50€
  • 1 year subscription (+25 years) : 31€