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Welcome on MyFrenchGuide.com. On this website, I will help you to find some ways to travel, learn more about France and particularly Lyon because it’s my home town.

About your guide!?

Mathieu from Myfrenchguide.com

My name is Mathieu, I’m 24 and I was born and raised in Lyon.

At the beginning, I was scared to travel. Here, in France, when you want to be out of the box, you can receive critics. So, when you have some travel ideas, in Asian countries, or solo travel for exemple, you have a lot of critics and fears from your family, friends, or anyone you talk to about it. “Be careful, there is a lot of violence in Asia!” “You will catch a disease!” “You will have rain during your entire trip because it’s monsoon season!” BLA BLA BLA.

In 2017, to push me out of my comfort zone, I decided to read some books about personal development and entrepreneurship like “Miracle Morning” (Hal Elrod), “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (Robert Kiyosaki) and more.

Thanks to those books, after a few months of reflection, I decided to join my friend Lucas (Take a look at his amazing blog right here: theworldismyoyster.fr) in Asia in July 2017.

I was still scared about traveling, but thanks to Lucas I decided to book my tickets to Bangkok, Thailand, only 10 days before the departure.

During that trip, we visited 4 East Asian Countries in only 1 month:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam

It was AMAZING, I loved that it much and after that, I decided to travel more and more and more.

So, I went 15 days alone in North Europe to visit the capital of 4 countries :

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Helsinki, Finland⇒ That’s where I met Allan a really nice guy from Pittsburgh,USA.
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Stockholm, Sweden
Allan Durand from Spare Change TV
Allan from Spare Change TV

Then, I decided to take more risks and go to another continent: North America !

I booked this trip 10 days before leaving, 5 flights for only 183€ !

So, thanks to Allan, I booked my one month trip to USA for less than 500€ and I visited :

  • New York City
  • Washington D.C
  • Pittsburgh

During this trip, I tried Couchsurfing for the 1st time, it was lovely ! I met some generous people who wanted to share their way of life, help travelers to save money, and give all they have to give (advice, food and more…). Thanks to Kevin, Blake and Nicolo (Their website : Roaming Sitters) in NYC and Lloyd in Washington D.C for your hospitality.

After those 3 months of travel, I had the opportunity to live in London, England for work.
I accepted the offer and moved to London in 2018. During that time I worked in a famous area of London, Camden Town !
Due to some personal issues, I had to move back to Lyon, France at the end of Summer 2018.

What is My French Guide ?

Thinking about all my travels and experiences, I decided to set up MyFrenchGuide.com to show you how I live, how you could live, and how travel could change your life.

I will help you to discover the world, France and, particularly Lyon, my hometown, where I will be your special french guide if you want any advice to visit the city and learn you want about it.

For all the people who want to have a lot of information about a particular cityI will create a “Digital Guide”. So that you can have a guide for food, sites, and local places right in your pocket!

Thanks to all  different Digital guides on My French Guide I can provide you with a lot of different city tours.
The first ones are city tours in Lyon :

  • Historic tours in Lyon
  • Sport tours in Lyon
  • Food tours in Lyon
  • Walking tours in Lyon
  • Bike tours in Lyon
  • Sites tours in Lyon

The second ones are about french cities like Paris, Marseille or cities from abroad like London, New York City… :

  • Food tours in London
  • Sites tours in New York City
  • Monuments tour in Pittsburgh
  • Museum tours in Washington D.C

I hope you will like all the news about travel, French cities, and all of my city tours.

Let me know if you need any information about travel, France, Lyon or countries I have already visited or anything else. I will be happy to reply to all your questions.

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“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T.S Eliot